Family, Cats, And Life in General

100_2841My Elder cat is not doing well that is making it hard to motivate to do something… It is hard to not want to snack uncontrollably.

On the other hand We have been invited to my uncles 50th anniversary, and It also puts Love-Family-Quotes-Wall-Art-Decals-for-Family-Room-Interior-Decoration-Design-Ideasme my sister and brother together for the first time in over 30 years. It is my father’s family. It means seeing one uncle that I have never met, and a whole host of family that I have seen only once in my life and that was 34 years ago. I so want to step up the weight loss but not sure what I can do safely. How much more walking I can do. How much less can I really eat and not have my body go into starvation mode and hold on to or gain weight. Any suggestions are accepted.

It is all so overwhelming..


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