Getting There 45 Pounds & Counting

goddessandwolf.jpgA friend of mine who reads my posts asked about my knee today.  I fell when I was about 19 and landed on a railroad spike.  Sometimes it makes it hard to do the workouts I want.  Being heavy adds to it.  We are 1545045_300776816743821_877124290_ntaking one day at a time.  The gym is sometimes difficult.  The knee makes it hard.  BUT  Lately things have been easier.  I have more energy, I don’t get as tired. Work is easier.

Went to the gym today and did a short work out.  Reflux started to act up and I decided to shorten the program.  One Day at a time my brother reminds me.  He is my inspiration.  He came in 3rd in his race in KC even in bad weather.

Have a great one everyone! Tomorrow is another day1512779_297351163753053_1006265830_n.tumblr_mh938tHsHN1s0p95wo1_1280


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