Good Habits: Hard To Make, Easy To Break

images (1)Today was the first day back at the gym after being sick with the flu last week.  I realizedttttttttsomething very important.  Habits, there are good habits and bad habits.  The good one are hard.  really really hard to make.  To get them established in your life they say takes a minimum of 28 days. But boy when you miss an entire week of working out , for me it felt like starting over. (almost)  Getting to the gym today was a hard thing to do. But we went.  I did not do as much as I would have liked but I did work out.  We made it!  It was exhausting.  It was hard work, but boy it was worth it.

Dale-Carnegie-Habits-QuotesTomorrow is another gym day.  It is also weigh in day.  I do not think anything can beat last weeks weight loss, but  no matter what the scale says, no matter what “THE NUMBER” is I am succeeding.  I am making changes, however small they may be.  I am making changes.


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