No Good Deed..

Lemons don’t always mDSCF1198ake good lemonade, sometimes they are too bitter.  I know, I know mixing metaphors, but I can’t help myself. After being in the hospital, two surgeries, waiting to see the doctor (yes still) and some other issues (non medical) that decided to rear their ugly head. I am exhausted,   I feel tired and depressed.  Yes I know that is a big word to throw around.  But it seems no matter how hard I deptry, or how hard I work, it never seems like enough.  I know i need to get back to the gym,  but I seem to be lacking in the energy to do that as well, and that made me feel good.  I really need to go.


  I am working again, and I keep thinking that I should be working more, but I know that if I pick up more hours I will be in more pain than I already am.  

dep2So what do I do? I am tired and frustrated and things seem to fall apart all the time.   Weight has stagnated, I eat to much and I know it.  I am lost.


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