It Has Been A Long Time But On ToThe Next Phase

follow-through-8I went to the doctors on Tuesday… Total weight loss this month 12 pounds. He increased my Cymbalta to 60 mgs, which will help with pain and the depression. My blood pressure went down (it wasn’t high but on the verge of being high) and now it was 120/77. I had developed a tiny wart on my middle finger and he froze it for me as well. (BTW that hurts!)

Over all I guess I am on the right track. Both Bruce and I have been reversing dep1our eating and he is down as well. Thank you to everyone who has been super supportive! I am gonna keep pushing to lose the weight and get healthier and stronger…. Trying desperately to not slip into old patterns to try to lose it faster (history of Bulimia), because part of me says it is not coming off fast enough. Dr. Said He was proud of me for my hard work. I know Bruce is Proud of me as well. I wish I had a mom to tell me she is proud of me. But that isn’t going to happen. Here is to the next phase of healthy living….


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