Moving Forward-Not Backward

Good Morning All. It has been a good 10 days since we started eating a bit upside down. I do not feel particularly hungry most days and don’t even feel “bingy”, which is good. Don’t let anyone tell you this is an easy thing to do because it isn’t. But I think i1-DSCF1309 - Copyn the long run it is worth it.

Meal planning is hard for me. Trying to find new and unique
combinations of things so that it doesn’t get boring. I don’t mind eating chicken or fish, or turkey more frequently, but if it is the same all the time it is frustrating. So far that has not been to much of a problem. But I really do not want us to slip back into old patterns. The great thing is that the internet is full of recipes.

Now to figure out the exercise portion of the program. Due to circumstances currently outside our control the gym is not an option. I have been doing light weights and some videos online. But I want to step it up soon.

My moods have improved with the addition of the Cymbalta and the pain I had been in is much lessened with the medication the Doctors have prescribed. Life is never easy is it?motivational-health-quotes-6

Any recipe suggestions or any ideas will be greatly appreciated. I love the support I get from all of you! Have an awesome day!


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