We Are All Human

You Are Braver Than You Believe - ThumbnailWe are all human.  We make mistakes. We don’t pay attention sometimes.  We get emotional. We self self-improvement-motivational-inspiring-quotes-sayings-life-love-live-happy-healthy-satisfied-blessed-attitudes-ideas-you-impressing (1)sabotage our own efforts.  All these things are true.  But we are human.  The hard part for many of us is that we have human partners.  These partners are wonderful human beings as well.  But sometimes when we are being emotional because we did not lose weight, or maybe we gained a pound, or just don’t feel good about what we ate, they don’t get it.  


saying14That is why we need the support of people that are going through the same thing.  For me it is nice totumblr_n0ai19WoJP1s0fzano1_500 have a place I can vent, about my seemingly uncaring (at the moment) partner.  I along with a Face Book Friend started a group called “Godesses in Progress”.  It’s all women sharing our stories, our successes our failures, our learning experiences, Our rants, and our desire and passion to get healthy.  There are some really strong women in this group.  We all bring our own unique perspective to what it means to get healthy.  We come from all walks of life and bring those things with us. we all do different things to achieve the same basic goals.


motivational-health-quotes-6What can we learn from each other?  The sky is the limit.  How can we help each other? By listening. being-a-healthy-woman-michelle-obama-quoteBy allowing each other the time and respect to be happy and share that with people who are striving to get healthy too!  




Motivational-Fitness-Quotes (1)What else is important?  Remembering that you do not have to be perfect.  Setting motivational-health-quotes-6realistic goals.  Realizing it is the journey that counts, as well as the destination.  you also have to recognize the changes other than weight loss.  It can be an amazing journey.  Yes you can co there with your partner, you want to be with them for the rest of your life.  But part of it they won’t understand.   Mine is wonderful, he goes to the gym with me, he walks with me,  He is the most awesome cook, and he takes great care of me.  


But there are times when even he doesn’t get it.  I am overly emotional, and negative, and feeling like it isn’t working.  But he just gets annoyed.  That is what “Goddesses In Progress” was created for. If you are a woman and you are on Face Book, and want a little sanctuary where you can vent or share successes look for me Alexx Miller, and you are welcome to come on in, and put your feet up and share. The good, The bad, recipes.  anything you want to share.  

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