Priorities It’s Not Always About The Food, And Thank You Bruce, Trace, and Susan

c6c592beaa1dc525feed064fd70e3e29Two point four pounds lost so far this week.  Work out at the gym today was intense! I was able to do 30 iwanttofeelposter-300x300minutes of cardio. plus weights.  We went and met a friend at Denny’s for dinner.  I realized that though I would love to have the pancakes with all the goo that goes with them, the eggs and sausage and hash browns which I love.  The main reason we went was to see our friend.   So I had to decide what was more important.  The pancakes or doing the best I can to stick to my plan of healthier eating and inevitable weight loss.  I chose to enjoy our friends company and had a salad with grilled chicken with dressing on the side and stayed with in my calories. I still had a good time but I did not feel stuffed or guilty afterwards.  



idealistic-rules-of-being-yourselfI am also excited to tell you that I no longer can wear my size 3-4X shirts.  I am now in an extra large!  This is a big deal.  I can now but shirts from any store.  

I also wanted to tell you all about my new pintrest board. .

Having support from friends helps a lot.  Thank you Bruce, Trace Footballbutterfly, Susan Roddey, you are all awesome! 



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