What a Difference Weight Loss Makes

6a0133f5d31c57970b0168e4cdfb5c970cI had a bad week.  A bad two weeks if you want to know the truth, last week I did not lose517421444657962017_bubXN7UR_c at all.  This week I lost a pound and I was down two and a half pounds around my waist.  In reality I guess they haven’t been awful. two weeks ago we decided to take a trip to my favorite clothing store to try on clothes.  


What happened?   Down 2 bra sizes.   Down 1 pant size.  Down at least 1 shirt size.

1902826_248041625377123_302021490_nOther things that I have noticed?  T-shirts no longer roll at the bottom, and they slide over my hips.  my face looks thinner, pants are very loose, (i won’t buy new until I lose some more weight).  I have more energy,  courage (2)

On a side note, next door to the clothing store is a mattress store.  BCC and I have been talking (and complaining) for three years that we need a new mattress.  We went in and talked and decided to bite the bullet and bought a new higher end bed.  OMG.  What a difference a new bed makes.  

That brings me to probably one of the biggest changes yet.The sex.  Weight loss + More energy + iwanttofeelposter-300x300new bed = AWESOME SEX! stamina and passion and well yum! 

The point is for me I guess is even when it looks gloomy, and it seems as if you are not gettingDay229-311x388 where your going as fast as you would like, changes are happening.  It also tells me that I need to stop being so hard on myself.  I am human.



  Changes are happening.

quote-being-strongI AM BECOMING THE BEST ME I CAN BE!




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