Self Loathing: Not Productive But feels Like The Truth

2012-09-05-fail_blog1So mad at myself. No weight loss this week. may have actually gained. I know what I did failyrewrong, I ate to much junk. Snacked to much. I know better. If I am going to have a snack I need to measure and stick to a serving not sit with the bag. I know better! I am so furious with myself. I sabotaged myself. It is my own damn fault. I can’t do this… I am so tempted to just not eat. It makes it so much easier. I really want to cry. I feel like such a failure. No amount of DH saying you will get back on track and it is just one week, helps. I am really filled the self hate and loathing.  


albert-einstein-intuitionHow do you overcome the hatred you have for yourself?  How do you stop the fear of falling back into old habits?  I just want to sit and cry.  That, I know is not going to help.  What will?


One thought on “Self Loathing: Not Productive But feels Like The Truth

  1. I know that feeling! It can be tough. Just remember: YOU control your eating. It doesn’t control you! Look for healthier snacks like fruits and veggies, and guard yourself against pitfalls like sitting with the bag by taking some ziplocks, portioning the entire bag of whatever it is, and then only taking one baggie out at a time. Remind yourself that nobody ever died from not having a snack! That if you’re eating three meals a day your body is probably getting most of what it needs. It’s definitely more tempting to not eat at all – but the satisfaction you’ll gain from being able to exercise control will be worth the effort!

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