Extreme Weight Loss & The Flu… DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

slow-progress-1024x769I had the flu this week.  Being sick SUCKS!  I had not appetite for several days, had a fever, etc…  No. Fun.  But today is Wednesday.  It is my weigh day.  So I went and got the scale, stripped down and, I lost 11 lbs.  Awesome!  RAH! RAH!  Yes happy dance! I would not necessarily suggest that this is by any means a good way to do it but then I go someplace dark….  Is it sad that I wish I could maintain that kind of loss and be at my goalthumb in 4 months? I know it is crazy and would be unhealthy too. But just thinking about it makes me cry….. I mean I would be well  past my Son’s wedding day goal, and at my final goal weight.  I can picture it.  

I Know, I Know… It’s not realistic.  I will continue to lose weight.  I will continue to find healthier ways of doing things.  It is just going to take time.


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