Frustration Thy Name Is Scale

weight-loss-motivation-tips I hate being frustrated.  The weather is preventing travel to the gym.   A friend’s son stayed last night because their heat went out, then there was no school so when she came to pick him up instead of leaving right away they made enough noise to wake me up.  Then the most horrible thing happened.  I got on the scale and …. No loss…

     How do you not get frustrated? I did (as an afterthought) check my measurements.  I did challengelose 4 inches off my hips.  And a half inch off of my waist.  I just like seeing the number go down…. “THE NUMBER” it is a love hate relationship. 

     I am not sure what to do next.  Do I need to increase my food?  I know I can increase my activity, go to the gym more frequently, or go for a walk at the mall.  I suppose I can do more exercises at home, work with the exercise bands. 

    1601001_299169870237849_1606010916_n I guess I can be more careful about how much fat I am taking in.  But I do not know what else to a12214change.  What I might need to do?


I guess I need to keep moving forward.


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