Staying Ahead Of The Storm; and Is This Too Much To Ask?

Change your thoughts to change your body weight loss motivation WIOGToday is Monday, and not a regular gym day.  But in St. Louis we are expecting between CathyCartoon4 and 6 inches of snow.  If you do not know, St. Louis has a tendency to roll up its streets when bad weather comes to town.  So we went to the gym today.   I promised myself that I would go a minimum of 3 days a week.  Any extra days are of course a bonus.  Tuesday is the usual day. 


It did not really go as planned.  I started on the treadmill, 10 minutes. Then I went to do some upper body weights.  Upper body work is hard for me due to the repetitive stress problems that i-will-finish-what-i-startedoccur with my profession as a massage therapist.  So the weights are light no more than 30 lbs, and that is a stretch with some moves.  Then back to the treadmill.  I set it for ten minutes.  At about 5 I felt myself starting to limp, then517d1617c4212e5926e8848282607c5d a bit of pain in my right knee.  This knee has had issues.  So I knew it was time to stop.  I knew it was time to stop for the day.

My arms are sore, and my knee is a bit tender but I cannot /will not give up.  But that does not mean I want to hurt myself.  I can’t afford to do that since I have to work, and my job is physical in nature. 


beyourmotivationTomorrow my workout will come from cleaning the living room and working with the exercise bands, and doing some crunches.  I will cook dinner and possibly do the dishes. I will fold laundry and basically be a bit domestic, while the winter storm rages outside. 

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated.  Sometimes I want to say F**k it.  But I won’t do that to myself.  Could I use some help? Sure.  BCC helps a lot.  He is supportive, and goes with me to tumblr_mh938tHsHN1s0p95wo1_1280the gym even though he hates it.  He would rather be out running the hills in the park.  I can’t do that. I can’t keep up with him.  He is stronger and faster than I am. 

I know I should not compare myself to him; it is unfair to both of us.  But it is hard.  It is sometimes so much easier for a guy.  I want this so much!  I want to be healthier, be stronger, and be thinner.  I want to wear clothes that I like, not just clothes that fit.  I want to buy clothes from everyday stores, not specialty shops.  I want to dance at my son’s wedding and be around to see and play with my grandbabies.  I want to see my daughter begin her career and see her happy and finished with school.

Is this too much to ask?523716_226312647498448_1010877344_n


3 thoughts on “Staying Ahead Of The Storm; and Is This Too Much To Ask?

  1. Hey! Keep up the great work. My toe is still hard to walk on so I am having to do different exercise, can you go swimming? That’s probably the least form of stress on your body and a great overall workout. What about trying some classes? I was thinking along the lines of really gentle yoga or Pilates? Have you got a specific visualisation of what you want to achieve? I have my dream day written down and I keep coming back to it. Having said that there are just crappy days but the key is to not go too far off course and never give up Xxx

    • I wish I could but the gym I belong to does not have one and I can not afford another membership, plus I am too self conscious to actually put on a bathing suit. the knee does not hurt all the time.

  2. Keep it up…your doing great! Way to keep moving when there is storm going on. I usually just curl up with my crocheting and watch movies with the kids….I’m motivated now to keep up! 🙂 Thanks for that little kick! Have a good day and stay warm!

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