Marching Towards The Wedding

50709971a6f8f9200fab4aadbbe416b8This is officially day six of working out at the gym.  We have been going 3 days a week.  I am proud of the fact that we have gone every day that we have set out to go.    a1

One of the hardest things for me has been how weak I really was.  Very little stamina.  That is a hard thing to come to grips with, especially when you want immediate results.  Immediate results… Wow, well that was not happening the way I wanted it to! Damn it!  I expected to be able to do what I was capable of doing when I had worked out 5 years ago. Wrong.  Didn’t happen. Not in a long shot.  Why? 

Well, the why of it was it has been years, not days, weeks, or months, but YEARS!  I had gained a lot of weight, and had done nothing to help myself.  I continued on a track of self-destruction.    

147704062748766362_hbbnxfnc_fBut now is what counts.  I got on the treadmill and did 10 minutes and a quarter of a mile.  Then I did weights, focusing on my lower body, but did some upper body as well.  Then I decided I really Let Weights be your Stress Reliever NOT Food Eat Clean Clean Eating He and She Eat Clean Weight Lifting Fitness Workout Stresswanted to do an additional 10 minutes on the treadmill and another quarter of a mile.  That was my goal.  And I met that goal. This is an increase of 5 minutes!  For many it is not a big deal;  to me it is huge. 

It is important to increase my cardio.  I want to be able to walk without having to stop frequently. In August,my son is getting married, and I would like the option of dancing at his wedding.  On our annual trip to Turkey Run in September, with the family, I would like to be able to hike at least one of the shorter trails even if I can’t do the super long ones.  Again in September at Imaginarium writers conference, I would like to be able to walk and stand without always having to sit, or be in constant pain.  In general, I would like to be able to be healthier, have better energy and overall health. 

Weight Loss Motivation Question 2The food portion of the program is hard.  It is complicated. We are on a very strict budget, so eating organic, and sometimes even eating local is too expensive.  I try to eat as healthy I can, and when I beyourmotivationcan’t I at least, try to stay on calorie plan.  It took a while to realize that I had to actually eat enough to lose weight, and that if I ate too few calories I was going to, at the very least NOT lose weight, and possibly gain because my body would hold on to everything because it thinks it is starving.

All in all, at the end of week two of the workouts, I think we are on track.  We are improving slowly but surely.  I guess I still continue to ask myself what more can we do?  How can I improve things even more? How can I make this work faster?

tumblr_lxcmxoJ0u31r1wk8mo1_500Anyone have some Ideas?  I would enjoy hearing from everyone and anyone.


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