What A Difference A Week Makes

8212_300381583450011_1771899684_nI made a decision to weigh once a week.  I got out the scale (I hide it behind the laundry basket in the hall so I don’t obsess).  I turned it on and hit the #1 button and I hear…. Your body weight is….. 2 lbs lighter that it was at the same time last week. Is it good?  I guess it1410WeightLossMotivation is.  I was hoping for more but the goal is 2 lbs a week. 

I hate the scale.  I am going to take some base line measurements next week and start tracking those to see if I can see changes that way as well. 

What more can I do?  Is there more I can do?  I did 15 minutes straight on the Treadmill with an incline.  This is longest that I have done in one stretch since we started the program.  I could have gone longer, but my knee started to hurt and I did not want to hurt myself.  I did one of 2e160baea879c297d5b4bb21308f4a72the ab machines, and the back extension machine 3 sets at 110 lbs.

Food, I guess, is where I need to focus some more of my attention.  All though if I look at it, I am staying at or under my calories that I set which is about 4-5 hundred lower than what my BMI and activity added say I should be at.   I have been thinking about a suggestion to vary and alter my calories on a daily basis to keep my body off kilter and weight-scale-funny-pictureskeep the metabolism working. 

I guess I need to make sure I am eating cleaner, healthier food, which is not always easy on a limited budget.  I have no desire to become a vegan, or a vegetarian. 

Today I am making some Homemade Chicken, veggie, Noodle (whole wheat) soup.  Yummy stuff, no msg, and no added salt.   I love my crock pot by the way.  You can make lots of good things in a crock pot.  I am passing on the cornbread because I have no light way of making it at the moment. 

I do not like nonfat products.  They often taste horrible, and they have to replace the flavor somehow.  I try to stay away from most things sugar free, (except my diet soda)  because they  frequently do awful things to my tummy. 

So what further changes do I need to make?  How can I get more bang when I get on the scale each week?  It is only week two since we started the working out.  

I guess only time will tell.77122_300447856776717_1248833418_n



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