To Weigh Or Not To Weigh, That Is The Question…

f854a17d90180bd7604410927f05561eToday at the gym we made some progress.  I did a warm up with some cardio, and added some incline.   Iscale_cartoon was able to do 15 minutes of cardio without feeling like I was dying.  Then I did mostly legs and increased some of the weights. I increased the weight on the leg press from 90 lbs to 110lbs. Since I managed to do both cardio and weights, today  is a big improvement. 

Today though, what I want to talk about is the scale.  To weigh, or not to weigh, that is the question.  I have seen, read, and heard differing opinions from different places.  Here are some of the responses:


funny-weight-loss-cartoon-w630Weigh yourself daily to make sure you are not gaining anything back.Food-Drink-Cartoons-Punch-1953-12-02-672

Weigh yourself on the same day at the same time each week. 

  • Weigh yourself every two weeks. 
  • Weigh yourself monthly.


1268848_1_lDon’t weigh yourself at all but go by how a pair of tight fitting pants feels, and you can do that either weekly bimonthly or monthly.

Weigh and measure every week.images (4)

Weigh and measure monthly.

Measure weekly.

Measure monthly.



fb56ef66a50e0805169d50f54866b26eWith all the varying voices, it is hard to know what is right.  Or should it be what’s right for ME? Or YOU? 6798006afc037f5b84b2673f19b249dc Part of me (the rarely rational little devil on my shoulder that wants immediate gratification) says daily.  But the rational little angel says that, in reality, I will become obsessive about the scale. 

Part of me likes the Idea of never getting on the scale (the part that says all scales are evil), but then I worry about my own accountability to myself.  The don’t weigh at all part says then I don’t have to pay attention to what I am eating if I am not weighing myself, who will know?


Can I do it every two weeks?  I suppose, maybe, but will it drive me nuts waiting to get on the scale, and ditto for the monthly?

depositphotos_7283138-Weight-scale-and-red-apple-with-tapeI don’t know what the right thing is, or if there is a right way or a wrong way to do it.  Tomorrow it will beI decided to put the scale someplace where it would do some good! a week since I got on the scale.  I need to decide before then.

I would really like your input.  What do you do?  What is right for you?



2 thoughts on “To Weigh Or Not To Weigh, That Is The Question…

  1. Hey there….the weigh in thing is so hard to know. I have been told to only weigh yourself once a week. I know people who weigh every day and it becomes almost like an obsession for them. So, I guess the question might be, by weighing yourself, what do you hope to find? I have to lose almost 125 lbs and have decided that the BIG picture is too hard to focus on, I am doing it one pound at a time. I weigh once a week (usually the same time of day in the same clothes) and only see if I have lost 1 pound. The rest is a bonus….I notice them of course, but don’t focus on the extra. If that makes any sense at all. I like the idea of measurements as well. The scale can only tell you so much…the measurements add another piece to celebrate. So I do mine every 4 months. I have friends who lose nothing on the scale but in the measurements they lose a lot…so it’s all in what you hope to see I guess. Make sense? Your doing a great job…keep it up 🙂

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