Working Out At Home… I Can Do It!

a12314     Today’s post is a bit early.  I have to work this afternoon and this evening, probably a slow12314 day with the bitter cold weather we are having today.  This is also the reason we did not go to the gym this morning.  I did get on the scale first thing this morning. It showed that I was 1.2 pounds lighter that I was yesterday afternoon. 

     Breakfast today was kind of a splurge, and I know it had way too much sodium and fat.  But it was yummy.  That’s okay.  I can make it up by being more aware the rest of the day.   I am treating myself to a second cup of coffee with French Vanilla creamer. 

     Now, on to the reason for this post.  A few months ago I was watching one of the home shopping channels, not on purpose, but flipping through channels.  I stumbled upon the program with Tony Little  ( ).  It was for a special combo package for the easy shaper with DVD’s included. I thought to myself this is awesome!  BCC was in the room, and he said go ahead and order it.  So I did.  Needless to say, it sat on BCC’s desk for quite some time.  Until today.  I decided since I paid for it I needed to actually use it. 

d12314I took it out of its case.  I put the chair body shaping DVD in and did a 30 minute workout, breaking a pretty intense sweat , right at home!   Yes! I actually did a workout at home.  Thank you Tony Little for the home workout set!

Yes, I could have gone to the gym. The cold should not be a stopping point, but I have a tendency to get sick easily. Leaving the gym all sweaty, or with a wet head after a shower, were not really good options. 

The point is, I guess there is no excuse to not work out wherever I am.  I can work out (even if it is a b12314short abbreviated workout) at home. 

The realization that I can do things to help myself even at home is kind of liberating.   


2 thoughts on “Working Out At Home… I Can Do It!

  1. Great job! One of my goals is to bust out my old Tai Bo videos and work it out until I can do it without stopping…its intense! Your writing is very motivational….keep up the great work!

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