Success or Failure?

This is my first post of what I hope are many.  BCC and I joined a gym. This was the second day that we went.  Day one I only managed to do a tot

al of 7 minutes of cardio, one ab machine, and one arm machine.  I was disappointed, but it was a start.  Day two well, I was really upset.  I did 15 minutes of cardio, then I could not walk without my legs shaking.  I felt like my thighs were on fire.  BCC finished his ab work and we both went back to the locker rooms and got ready to leave.


I came out and sat at a table and started to cry, I was frustrated.  I want this so badly.  I want to get healthy and feel good.  I also want to lose weight and look and feel better for my son’s wedding.  I felt like a failure.  I do not know what I was expecting.  But I know it wasn’t 15 minutes of cardio, and it was not very fast.  I wanted it all to happen so much faster.  I wanted to be able to do the 30 minutes of cardio, AND all the weights the trainer suggested.  But I couldn’t.  

2c5eed56dae706bb6dcd618b3775eaa5I suppose I could look at it differently, I did double my cardio time.  We talked ourselves out of NOT going because it was very cold out side.  I was even comfortable on the treadmill, which I did not think I would be.  

So I suppose it is a matter of perspective, 

More tomorrow when I will post some of my goals both short term and long term.


13 thoughts on “Success or Failure?

  1. I think its great your not giving up….I know its tough…but hang in there! Keep trying more a little at a time and you will be surprised how much you can do in time! Cheering you on 🙂

  2. The beginning is always difficult. I love your attitude and the way you are ‘taking things into perspective’. Your ability to be accountable is the very thing that will keep you going day after day. I believe in you already. Keep up the good work

  3. Good post! I have been there myself and its important to give yourself time to work up to your fitness goals. If you can do one more minute today then you did yesterday, call it a success! And just remember– you’ve taken the reins to get what you want out of life and there are lots of people who can’t or won’t do that. So be proud of yourself!

  4. Hey girlie, I know you can do this! It is hard at first (I haven’t even started yet but I know I’m going to hate it when I do!) but as long as you keep going every day it is better than doing nothing! Besides treadmill is there an elliptical? I find I burn more calories on that machine. Sometimes I will do 15 mins treadmill then 15 on the elliptical.

    I’m wondering if you are taking anything before you are going to the gym? When I don’t take something that doesn’t give me energy, I feel like I’m at the gym forever andI’m always staring at the time or clock to see how long I’ve been at the gym. When I’m taking something that gives me energy I’m really more pumped.

    Let me know what else you’re doing… like what kind of meals you’re eating or taking vitamins/protein.

    I’d really love to help and we can get through this together!

    • Will be happy to keep in touch! I will be posting more about meals and such. I just want to get the first post under my belt. I am not sure what I could take, Yes they have the elliptical and the arc trainer plus the bikes. Right now the treadmill does not hurt my knee. Tomorrow I will do some weights.

  5. Just like the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race. You don’t want to push yourself too hard when you first start a new exercise program. If you do, you have a higher potential of injury and burn out. Take your time and build up your strength and stamina slowly but steadily. Add a few minutes every day until you get to 30 mins. Then start increasing the resistance. For weights, start with a few basic exercises until you feel comfortable doing them, then start adding new ones. It should take you a few weeks (like 4 or 5) to get to where you can pick up the pace and start pushing it harder. You’ll feel it in your body and you’ll know that your body is ready to go full steam ahead and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can then add time and weight to your workouts. Just give it time, you’ll get there.

  6. Hi! I’ve just stared a weight loss and fitness plan to lose 48lbs by August so I have lots of sympathy and congratulations for you…. Great that you have taken the steps to go to the gym. It’s a massive step. Have a think about targets and rewards to keep you on track. I need these!!! I only do classes at the gym that way it’s more sociable and I find that I am pushed harder and I don’t get as bored. When I first started running a few years ago I found 1minute a challenge now I can easily do a 5k so just keep going, remember it takes 3 weeks to establish a habit. Best of luck, Jenny x

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