Oh My Goodness… Is That Number Correct?

12214This is technically day three of the working out thing. But it’s week  3 of the eating healthier thing.  One difference today… We got our scale delivered.  I put the Battery in the scale, set it on the floor and stepped on it.  Now I realize I should have waited until the morning for a more accurate number.  But I did it anyway.  I had to find out if it worked, right?  Yeah well I forgot to mention it is a talking scale…. BCC was bringing in lunch  and he heard “THE NUMBER”.  I am not sure if I am more upset that he heard “THE NUMBER” or by “THE NUMBER” itself.  At the same time I was happy because it was lighter than the last time I was on the scale at the Doctor’s office.    I hate really HATE that he heard “THE NUMBER”. 

 Before we embarked on this journey, we talked to a nutrition specialist.  I learned that I was eating too few calories.  I needed to eat more protein, and less carbs.  I never thought about the fact that I might be eating too little and that my body was going into “famine” mode. 

c12214We also talked to 2 different personal trainers.  Things I learned:

1: Don’t overdo it right off the bat.

2: If all you can do for the first couple of weeks is based on your own body weight resistance, that’s okay.

3: Weight training first Cardio second ( not counting a 5 minute warm up) 

4: No more than an hour in the gym any more is over kill.

5: No less than 30 minutes in the gym

6: No More than 5 days a week in the gym your body needs to restb12214

7:  do not deny yourself your favorites, limit them

8: Don’t have a cheat day, Have a cheat meal

9:  Do not eat too few calories or too many.

10:  Remember you did not put it on in a day it is not going to come off in a day.

11: Eat five to six times a day small meals.

12: Have a 10 pm protein based snack. ( I have been doing this and I sleep better and have lost pounds)

13: Eat within an hour of waking up.  This was hard because I am not always hungry. Bit it has helped with the cravings for sweets.

So what am I doing… My calorie needs are higher than many and I have done the math over and over again.  I am still eating about 8oo calories less than the numbers say.    I eat at least 4 -5 times a day. 

I don’t say no to the things I like, I just eat them in moderation (mostly). 

We have a harder time getting greens, and veggies, because the hubby (who does most of the cooking) forgets them.

a12214I try to use www.myfitnesspal.com to track what I am eating and doing. Trying to keep myself honest.

BCC has stopped buying cookies and stuff, and IF I bake, I cut it into smaller portions.  

It takes us much longer now to eat a candy bar.  We buy the large ones and share. The good dark chocolate. And we treat ourselves to one square every other day.


These are just some of the things we do. 

Today’s workout  7 minutes of warm up cardio and then a half hour (approx.) of weights. Focused on legs. And did some arms.  I am a bit on the sore side.  My legs were like rubber. I had a good burn going. 

Then we came home and I made the mistake of weighing myself. Like I said I don’t know if I am more upset about what “THE NUMBER” is, or the fact that BCC heard “THE NUMBER”.  Even though “THE NUMBER” is lower than it was which means what we are doing is working.


I just don’t want to feel like he looks at me differently.


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